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Hi There! I’m SatsB ―
CEO, Open Stage

Open Stage has been in the making for over 10 years. When we started DESIFEST in 2007, our vision was to help artists live their passion but also to help them earn a living doing what they love most; being an artist. We have helped to create an industry and a local artist community.

Open Stage is focused on a different challenge. All across the world, local communities are full of amazing artists, musicians, DJ’s and more and Open Stage wants to be the platform that helps to discover and share their talent with the world.

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In addition to showcase platforms, our team is also developing unique technology to help fuel revenue, live broadcasting and content production. We are excited to blend music, tech and passion into Open Stage!

If you are looking to showcase, sign up and get in touch. If you want to host your own Open Stage in your local community, get in touch and we want to help you launch it.

While we have the vision to help build local music communities across the world, we need your help to bring this vision to reality. Get in touch and let’s build together.